Marketing Olympiad 2014

KPMG and UNICOM, leaders in global marketing are conducting an All India contest among professionals from over 500 Companies to find the most knowledgeable professional in Sales and Marketing. This contest will provide global recognition to professionals and is supported by various Marketing Research Institutes.

This contest will be run at IIMNetWork Conference which is happening in 3 cities, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore in July. If you feel you have got what it takes to win the Olympiad then register right away!!

List of the Topics to be covered in Marketing Olympiad 2015 are:

  • Market Research
  • Strategy
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • CRM
  • Customer Insights
  • Account Management
  • International growth
  • Promotion strategy
  • Brand building
  • Pre-Sales

Complexity Level - Intermediate to Hard

Game Plan:

Qualifier Round 1: Online on July 10, 2015 - Duration 30 Minutes [Time: 5:00PM - 5:30 PM] FREE

  • Link to take the quiz would be sent to nominees via email 3 days before the quiz
  • Quiz can be taken from anywhere - college / home / browsing centres, etc.
  • This round will be for 30 minutes. You will have to answer 40 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Questions have been designed to be generic covering all areas of Marketing.
  • Based on performance selected teams will qualify for Round 2(Semi - Final Round).
  • Selected Candidates will be informed via Email.

Semi Finals - Written Test on 12th July in Mumbai, 19th July in Bangalore and 26th July in Delhi - All at the IIM NetWork Conference venue - Duration 30 Mins [Time: 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM] PAY

  • Format - Pen and Paper based quiz.
  • This round will be for 30 minutes. You will have to answer 20 Multiple Choice Questions and 2 Situational and Subjective Questions
  • Top 4 teams will go to finals
  • Certificates will be provided to all the semi-finalists
  • Teams get selected for the Finals need to pay INR 12,000 per team as participation fee
  • This fee includes participation in the semi-finals and passes to attend the IIMNetWork Conference.

Finals: with 4 Teams 12th July in Mumbai, 19th July in Bangalore and 26th July in Delhi - All at the IIM NetWork Conference venue (Time 5:00PM - 5:30PM)

  • Format - Oral quiz to be held on stage
  • Quiz will have Audio and Video Rounds. Contest Format will be explained at the beginning.
  • Results will be announced at the Venue by 6 PM. Winners and Runners-Up Teams will be given Prizes by our Chief Guest

What will the winners of the Marketing Olympiad 2015 take home?

  • Winning Team - Gold certificate to both players in the team.
  • First Runner Up Team - Silver certificates to both players in the team.
  • Second Runner Up Team - Bronze certificates to both players in the team.
  • Winners shall be facilitated with the awards on the same day of conference (i.e. 28th August, 2014) in Bangalore at the India Business Development Summit Venue.
  • There is a special recognition for students who manage to get the most number of teams registered from their college or other places. The students who gets the maximum number of teams to register will get the award for The Best Student Social Media Marketer in India/ college.
  • There is also an award for top 10 colleges whose students have scored the maximum marks in the olympiad.

Who is eligible for the Marketing Olympiad 2014?

  • Anyone who has knowledge of marketing is eligible.
  • Students and Freshers not eligible. We have a seperate contest for students

Is there any participation fee?

There is no participation fee to take Round 1. However those who get selected for Finals will need to pay Rs 12,000 / team as participation fee.

How to Enrol for the Marketing Olympiad 2015?

Corporate Nomination:

  • A Team of two needs to enrol together by filling up the form available on the website with details of each participant
  • *More than one team can be nominated by a company.

Individual Nomination:

  • If you are nominating yourself and a friend from another company, then you can still nominate your team.
    A Team of two needs to enrol together by filling up the registration form available on the website for each participant:

FAQ Marketing Olympiad 2015 (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. I am pursuing MBA in Hr/Finance. Am I eligible?
Ans. Yes. The contest is open to all management students or students who know about marketing.

Q2. I am in College A and my friend is in College B. Can we form a team together?
Ans. Yes. Two people from different colleges can form a team together.

Q3. I am currently teaching in a college. Can I participate?
Ans. No. The Marketing Olympiad is only for students.

Q4. I am interested but I don't have a partner. Can I participate alone?
Ans. No. Only teams of two can participate in this Olympiad.

Q5. What will be the difficulty level of the questions in the quiz?
Ans. All the questions are expected to be at a basic level.

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Sample Quiz Questions
  • Q1. Market Research is an organized effort to gather information about _____.
    1. Sales Market
    2. Economic Market
    3. Functional Market
    4. Target Market
  • Q2. Strategy involves two major processes
    1. ______
    2. Implementation
    1. Cooperation
    2. Formulation
    3. Registration
    4. Rectification
  • Q3. Sale is an act of _____ a product or service in return for money or any other compensation.
    1. Selling
    2. Researching
    3. Producing
    4. Loosing
  • Q4. What is the abbreviation of CRM?
    1. Competitive Retail Management
    2. Customer Resale Management
    3. Customer Relationship Management
    4. Competitive Relation Material

Answers to above sample Marketing Olympiad Questions are available at Facebook